• I have created a new method to convert a person’s passion into economic value based on their personal brand. 
  • Gathering all myexperience and taking advantage of the online world, I have created the P2V-Passion To Value.  
  • With it anyone can develop their personal project connected with their passion, talent or vocation.

My whole life could be summed up as having pursued a total connection to what I am most passionate about and interested in, and now I am launching a program for people who have that same vital purpose. 

Thanks to the Online universe I have been able to activate in a broader way something that I could only do with a few people at a face-to-face level: Share my method to be able to convert their passion into economic value based on their personal brand. 

Without being an elite sportsman or having a special talent or being a famous person, I have managed to manage my personal brand to put it at the service of my personal project in order to create economic value and live from what I am most passionate about, while being able to sell many sponsorship projects. 

After many years of experience lecturing, writing, training, and mentoring people connected with their passion, talent or vocation, I have gathered it all to develop the “Passion to Value” (P2V) programme; a concrete and super effective method, which can be implemented by any interested person. 

I am excited to be able to help many more people live the life they really want and not have to resign them selves to giving up their passion in order to develop personally and professionally. 

More information at (only in Spanish…sorry) 

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