Extract of the article that I have published in the BUSINESS WORLD magazine (February 2021)

When facing critical or blocking situations, we must become radicals of the moment and move forward no matter what it takes.

The desert is very complex, uncertain, and hard in countless aspects, but we must see it with both respect and passion because if we are going to cross it, it is because we have decided to participate in an ambitious and valuable project in our life, and this necessarily involves driving through difficult and even extreme terrain.

If we did not accept this challenge and if we limited ourselves to the easy, comfortable, and safe things, we would never find ourselves in situations of stress and uncertainty as in the desert, but it would be because we would have given up fighting for our goals, we would have chosen the easy way and therefore, we would have resigned ourselves to mediocrity.

There are moments in our personal lives and, above all, in our professional or business lives when we have to face situations and obstacles that are much bigger than what we want and what we see ourselves capable of overcoming. These are moments when we have to decide whether we want to be victims or fighters. These are moments that forge our character. Those are moments that make us worthy of all that we have built and all that we are capable of doing in the future. Those are moments when the only thing that counts is getting over the next dune.

Whatever your current situation is, get over the dune! And be proud of the great desert crossing you are capable of making.

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