• I start a gap of collaboration with KIA Spain, as an ambassador for Electric Vehicles.
  • I will represent KIA in all its promotion, evolution,  and compromising to a more sustainable and zero-emissions mobility.
  • All my sports and adventure activities are Zero-Emissions, all the energy I consume at home is renewable (Zero-Emissions as well), and now, with the KIA e-NIRO I will be able to use, my mobility will be 100% electric, closing the zero-emissions circle.

I am glad to announce I start a gap of collaboration with KIA Spain, as an ambassador to spread, regarding values and passion, the transition to Electric Vehicles.

I will represent KIA in all its promotion, evolution,  and compromising to mobility that takes place in sustainability and zero-emissions to cultivate the conscience and the action that will lead us to a better world and a better planet.

For a long time now, I’ve pursued the dream of having a completely Zero-Emissions life; not just to search for the wellbeing of the environment that surrounds me, but to grow individually. I’ve accomplished all my adventure and sports activities to be Zero-Emissions, as well as all the energy I consume at home, that is renewable. And with the KIA e-NIRO that I will be able to use, I can eventually communicate that I have reached my dream: I can close the Zero-Emissions circle, my mobility will be 100% electric.

There was a moment I made the decision of putting myself away from fossil fuels. I renounced to participate in the Dakar conventionally, a thing that represented a part of me, and I became the first pilot to ever do it with a 100% electric car. We are the decisions we take, and I went from compromise to action: incorporating all the possible daily habits in my life that allowed me to be part of the solution, not the problem, in front of the big upcoming environmental challenges.

The attitude in which I believe and work is the reason why the fact of being able to represent a big brand like KIA is a really special thing for me, through the path of a sustainable impact and mobility in order to be the change that we desire to see in the world.

Here we attach the integrated text of the press release emitted by the own brand for all the media in Spain. Being the original document, it’s written in the original language: Spanish. If you wish to check the press note on the official KIA website, press here.  

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