• In the following content, I pretend to summarize SEVEN LESSONS that I consider important to apply in your life’s perspective, and that life itself teaches you during the time. Often, we tend to integrate and think about them when it gets too late, so having them present now can mean viewing tomorrow better. Let’s get started!

Lesson 1: Your past doesn’t define your future

Have had blunders, problems, and negative experiences doesn’t mean you can’t change your future. Choose to react and live differently.

Oh, and… If you have had success or really good experiences, be careful!, it’s no guarantee for the same future.

Lesson 2: Even if you don’t believe it, you can’t like everyone

Willing to like everyone will go against your authenticity, happiness, and mental health. You must always try to don’t injure anyone, although you can’t take care and be pleasant with all the persons that surround you. You can only be yourself and help others if you are in your authentic version.

Lesson 3: Persons go in-and-out of your life

Your best friendships can turn into strangers, and backwards. Accept that. Some persons may be with you until the end, and that’s cool; however, that should be more a consequence than a goal. Others will only be there for some time, and for some reason that you must understand and take.

Lesson 4: Your diet isn’t only what you eat

A healthy body and a healthy mind should go tohether. To be truly healthy, control not only your alimentary diet, but also how is the diet of what you read, with who you talk or relate, and how you manage your thoughts.

Lesson 5: Don’t let refuse become auto-refuse

One way or the other we all face some refuse in life. However, even if someone refuses you personal or professionally, you continue having all the value as a person. Don’t let define yourself based on the NO to the other.

Lesson 6: Your happiness isn’t in other’s dreams

If you only work to accomplish the goals that society indicates you, you will hardly be happy. Being authentic in your vital objectives, even if they look standard, is what will provide you true meaning in life. Fight for them, take risks, don’t resign to watch or work for the dreams of others.

Lesson 7: “Almost” Everything depends on you

It’s uncomfortable to accept that you can assume total responsibility for your life. Logically, there are circumstances you can’t control, but you can domine your attitude and reaction to them. It’s better to waste less energy in complaining and a lot more in taking action and changing what we don’t like!

The main key to integrate those principles resides in viewing them not as parts of a list that have to be marked, but as habits that have to be understood and incorporated and that they feedback when you are able to perceive their positive consequences. Are you satisfied with your habits? You can leave your opinions in the comment section. See you in another post 😉

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