Nice week-start everyone!

What is more indicated to talk about on a Monday than positivity? Although, what is positivity? Force happiness when it isn’t there? Always wait for something better? The definition that I personally consider more accurate – and realistic – of this concept is to understand it as a habit, something that isn’t possessed by right or that is imposed, but a thing to be exercised and comprehended to achieve its true value.

As complex as things can seem to be, if we are negative we will only worsen them… in all cases, even in pain or during crisis, we must try to connect ourselves to a #PositiveAttitude

Like when having to face a sportive challenge we train, to develop a positive way of thinking we shall train daily, avoiding falling into the negativity, the victimism, the ultra-protection, and the fears towards our brain uses to tend.

Therefore, here you have 6 simple but powerful exercises that you can practice every day to train:

1) Read, listen or look at something positive every day
2) Always put your own “Why”/Purpose in the center
3) Always have activated a process towards a new positive habit
4) Surround yourself with positive people
5) Be thankful for what you have (2 thanks for every complaint)
6) Disconnect: relaxing, recuperation, and connection moments only with yourself

Do you want to train hard? Start, at your own tempo and with your own interpretation, this same week! And don’t forget to comment in the comments section if you know of any other positive exercise 🙂

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