• Crossing the Draa Valley running in 4 gaps of 140Km.
  • Pure Sahara Desert being walked, the most simple and authentic way of moving that we have.
  • Without competing, without dorsal, without arrows… Just sailing in full freedom to live a unique experience.
  • We come back in November 2022 with another reduced group of runners. Enrolments open now in www.adventurerunningtrips.com

¡Buah, what an experience! 

We just returned from an adventure of four days through the desert that has left us astonished. The past six of November we landed in Marrakech. During the following week, an exotic journey was waiting for us, that consisted in following the Draa River, an old and dry river in the south part of Morroco. 

Within a team of thirteen runners, we left Marrakech at eight a.m and, after eight hours of ban, we finally got to M’hamid, the tiny village oasis from where we were about to start our itinerary. The next day, while the orange sun of Africa was rising, me and my mates, among them my daughter and my big son, were just starting what would be 140 Km of pure desert.  

Surrounded by a strong team spirit, unforgettable conversations, and full motivation, we overcame a total of four gaps with stop in authentic camps offered by autochthonous individuals of the region, mostly Bereberes, an ethnic from North Africa with a unique perspective of the world and the environment that is around the human being. 

The gaps had between 30 and 40 Km, crossing all types of different desertic fields. No populations or clue of civilization in the route. Just a few camels, some ancient well, and plenty of dunes. Every 8 Km approx, we found a Pass Control of our organization to charge water and what we had left in the support bag.

On the second and the third day we went across a considerable part of the Erg Chegaga, an inhospitable group of dunes, enormous and magic. The last journey consisted in going through the dry Iriki lake, a totally flat surface of 40 Km in diameter. We started running at night wight a light, going on as the rays of sunlight tinted our heels to our goal: the small city of Foum Zguid.

If sport and discovering new experiences passionates you, be aware of the content in my social media because on many occasions I’m glad to share that crazy adventures with companions, just as it has been in that stimulating trip…

I adore doing these journeys and sharing them with you, and that’s why I think about organizing some more 😉 For the moment, I’m sure that we are doing this fantastic adventure again in November 2022. You can join now to be part of this (and with a 10% discount for the 10 first people) on the web www.adventurerunningtrips.com

Moreover, if you liked this type of content, don’t hesitate to give your opinion and ideas in the comments section 🙂

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