All experiences in our life give us many learnings. If these experiences are more intense, the learnings obtained will be more powerful.

In my expeditions, I gain a lot of intensity and learnings that I love to collect and think about. Here I selected nine of them that I consider key for every aspect of our life. 

5. No fear to fail: Only those ready to fail are the ones that deserve success. Fear to fail sentences you to a mediocre life, therefore you will never be able to go towards any value objective. To always succeed and never fail is easy: I put myself the goal to run 100m in 2min, I will get it for sure. 

6. Complaint less, do more: In front of any problem or critical situation, better maintain your serenity, dedicate low energy to complaining, and a lot to activate a solution. Good things don't last forever, and we should accept the bad ones to be able to deal with them. When there's big trouble, the one that complains the most is often the first one to get screwed. 

7. Do well what depends on you:  Because everything else is uncertain and uncontrollable. To plan, preview, and prepare for everything is key for success, or, at least, to avoid possible complications. I preventively got operated from appendicitis to cross the Antartic. Failing in preparation is getting prepared to fail. 

8. Convert flexibility into a habit: Facing an uncertain reality, we need to be flexible and convert flexibility into a habit. When more things we are able to convert into efficient routines, more time and energy will last to think and act. In the storm, you adapt as you can, but everything that you know must come out by itself. 

9. Exercise your freedom: In life, we have a big margin of freedom to make decisions and act, but we use it very little. We dedicate more time to asking for freedom than actually exercising it. With responsibility, values, and limits; we must aim to be free. Adventure is for me a window to my freedom. 

1. Positive incommodity: Incomodity is a way of learning and finding more creative experiences. Trying to always be comfortable puts us away from an interesting life. I don't like the freeze of cold, although I adore feeling warm after being cold. 

2. Do the hard stuff first:  Doing, in the beginning, the most strict parts of processes, when we have more energy. Days are much better when hard things are already done.

3. Have ambition: Don't be afraid of your own magnanimity. Humility is ok, but knowing how to value ourselves is good too. Whatever level and thing, go for it: it's your life, your purpose, and your moment. I couldn't have done mount Everest if I didn't have the ambition to climb the highest mountain.

4. Know to be alone: To be in harmony with others first you have to be in harmony with yourself. It's not individualism, but self-care, self-knowledge, self-control, and self-motivation. 48 days alone in the Antarctic and y thought: if one gets bored with himself, maybe it's because he's in bad company. 

And just clarify that the fact that I think about and share these points doesn't mean that I do all of them correctly. However, you either can learn from what you do and works, than from what you see that works although you haven't applied it or you are not that really good at... yet: because the important thing is to be aware of it and meanwhile evolve in the good direction.

Hope these points work and you like them 👍😉

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