• There are real objective limits that we must understand and respect, and there are self-imposed limits that we must identify and overcome. 
  • 90% of people give up on their dreams or projects because they succumb to their limiting beliefs. Being the other 10% is already having the right mindset to aspire to success. 
  • I share 8 guidelines to overcome limiting beliefs and transform them into empowering beliefs.

Claiming that there are no limits and that everything is possible with will and effort is a load of rubbish.  It is one of those easy pseudo-motivational pills that have basically emerged from sport in recent times.  Real and objective limits exist, just as there are some limits that we want to set ourselves out of prudence or values in order not to be reckless or not to overcome certain barriers of risk, ethics or impact on our life or that of others.

But “Limiting Thoughts” are another thing, which are simply perceptions or beliefs that have been given to us by tradition, education and the environment, or that we have created ourselves because our mind is designed to protect us from anything other than pure survival and security on a day-to-day basis.

Knowing how to distinguish between the two will be key when considering any project in our personal or professional lives.  The firts one must be respected and established with much reflection in order to act as a frame of reference in all our processes.

The second must be identified in order to eliminate them and transform them into empowering beliefs that allow us to evolve towards the life and goals that interest us.  Let’s focus now on the second ones, the so-called “Limiting Beliefs”.

I think that every time I have thought about some extreme adventure, I have gone through a moment in which I believed that I could not do it, that it was not worth it, or that everything could go very wrong.  I’ve probably let myself get carried away by these beliefs in some occasion, and aborted the project before it was born, but all the dreams I’ve managed to make come true have required me to overcome a lot of self-imposed limitations.

One of the factors that most sabotage people’s projects and illusions are the Limiting Beliefs that the mind puts in their minds in the form of doubts, fears and lack of confidence.

Beliefs are not bad or good in and of themselves. When they prevent us from growing and doing things, they are Limiting Beliefs. If, on the other hand, they encourage us to improve and be confident, they are Empowering Beliefs.

Our brain (and also our body) learns to know what to expect in each moment according to our beliefs and, as a result, we often get exactly what we expect, for better or for worse.  That is why it is key to know how to identify when we have limiting beliefs, and change them to empowering beliefs.

When you go to activate any process you need for your Project, the mind will come up with an excuse in the form of a Limiting Thought. And 90% of people already give up there. These points are the “differentiators of success”, and just moving forward, we are in the minority with great chances of success.   Having the right mindset is what makes the difference between people who succeed and those who do not.

Some guidelines for identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs:

  1. Self-knowledge: know how your mind works to identify them, overcome them or even use them as indicators and motivators as a sign that you are on the right path.
  2. Identify your success differential: Recognise your doubts and difficulties and use them in a positive way to gain confidence and motivation, knowing that this is the border where most people throw in the towel.
  3. Understand its meaning: Understand what that limiting thought wants to protect you from, empathise with it and see how it makes you feel, but don’t believe it and resign yourself to it.
  4. See where it leads you: Visualise what future and goals a certain limiting thought is leading you to with respect to what you want, and what price you pay for giving it up.
  5. Ask yourself if it is true: Determine if the limitation is true and objective, or if it is simply a matter of you and your mindset.
  6. Define your new belief: Decide what your new empowering belief will be that will result from transforming the old limiting belief, and focus on it.
  7. Learn: Look to and be inspired by people who have gone through similar situations. Learn new skills that override this self-imposed limitation.  Set out 3 concrete actions that depend only on you to prove to yourself that your new belief makes sense and is real.
  8. Act with conviction: When the precise moment comes to move forward with the new belief, lean on all your previous reflections, your notes, the content you have incorporated, and people around you who support you on that path.

Finally, being aware and leading your thoughts is essential to master your life WITHOUT OWN LIMITATIONS.

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