• My 3 basic C’s for leading a team in any project. 
  • Clarity, Capacity and Communication. 
  • There are many factors that have an influence, but with these 3 C’s a minimum level of good leadership in teams is guaranteed.
Formación Equipos con Experientiel Business School (EBS)

Team Formation with Experiential Business School (EBS)

There are many factors that determine the good functioning of teams, but there are 3 basic keys that we should always apply to ensure good leadership of a project or team.

These are the “3 C’s” that I always try to take into account in all my sporting, adventurous or professional projects:

1st “C”: CLARITY.  Of vision, purpose, objective and strategy.  The leader and the whole team must have it very clear.

2nd “C”: CAPACITY. The team must have the necessary resources and skills to do so.  And if necessary, it will be necessary to acquire resources and train in the required skills or incorporate them from outside.

3rd “C”: COMMUNICATION. At all levels, in all directions, sharing all relevant information (including negative information), involving everyone, listening actively and applying empathy.

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  1. slice master 3 April, 2024 at 06:02 - Reply

    It may also be important to get resources, receive training in the appropriate abilities, or bring in outside expertise.

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