• It is necessary to work on leadership in an integral way, at a personal, organisational and sustainable level. 
  • In order to move towards a “Circular Economy”, there must first be a leadership that envisions it, activates it and makes it happen. 
  • Circular Leadership is key to the future of each person, of each organisation and of society and the planet in general.

From my experience in the business world and in the field of extreme adventures, I am considered an expert in leadership. And as Speaker, trainer and disseminator, I focus on three main areas of leadership: Personal Leadership, Organisational Leadership and Sustainable Leadership.

We usually work on one of them independently, although I always bear in mind that each one is necessarily related to the others.

And the more I advance and the more I learn, the more I am convinced that we must work on leadership in an integral way. For this reason I have concentrated the three areas in the same concept that defines very well this essential and interdependent link, which I call “CIRCULAR LEADERSHIP”.

Logically, it is inspired by the concept of “Circular Economy”, which is key for our system, essentially based on the economy, to aspire to have a quality and minimally sustainable future.  But for there to be a “Circular Economy” that is prosperous for everyone, there must first be leadership to match, and for me this can be summed up in “Circular Leadership”.

You will see that from now on, I will be developing this global concept in my communications, as well as each of the areas or sections of leadership that affect it.  But I will advance a brief summary:

Circular Leadership is that which is fully aware of the importance of leadership at any level (personal, organisational and sustainable), and works from the responsibility and effectiveness in each of these three areas in a specific way, but taking into account that it is part of a whole that is essential to achieve healthy and happy people, profitable and prosperous organisations, and a healthy and sustainable society and planet.

  • PERSONAL LEADERSHIP: It all starts with the individual. If you do not know how to lead yourself, you will not be able to lead projects or teams well.  From here we work on attitudes, habits, emotional intelligence, purposes and values.
  • ORGANISATIONAL LEADERSHIP: We are gregarious beings and in order to do things we organise ourselves in communities, be they companies, NGOs, town councils, political parties, sports teams, science groups, art companies, etc. Leading these organisations or projects well requires knowing how to manage teams, changeable environments, attract and strengthen talent, motivate and commit people and, with all of this, create value and appropriate results.
  • SUSTAINABLE LEADERSHIP: Each individual person has an impact, but when an organisation acts, the impact is always much greater, both positive and negative. Organisations pursue certain results for the benefit of their stakeholders: partners, employees, customers, suppliers and the immediate community.  But because of their capacity for action, they must take responsibility for their process beyond their own objectives, committing themselves to the impact they have on society and the environment.

And all this is a circular process, because if we get people and organisations to assume and deploy “Sustainable Leadership”, this will result directly in benefits for people (more quality of life, more health, more respect for the community and nature, more happiness with what they do…), and for organisations (more reputation, more connection with their employees and customers, more attraction and retention of talent, more creativity/innovation, more clarity of purpose and more long-term vision).

There are many types of leadership, much theory and many trends.  Well applied, I am sure they are all good, but from my point of view, LEADERSHIP in capital letters must go through these three main areas, with a global vision and a circular application.

CIRCULAR LEADERSHIP is one of the great keys to the future of each person, of each organisation and of society and the planet in general.

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