• To lead it is convenient to understand the “prepositions” that determine our bond with nature: “Of”, “In” and “With”. 
  • We always live “Of” nature, and it is very good to live “In” nature; but the best thing is to get to live “With” nature. 
  • We should overcome our “Homocentrism” to open ourselves to a richer, more prosperous and sustainable vision from “Biocentrism”.

We almost always talk about ourselves and nature, as if they were two separate things. But we are nature, and taking care of it or respecting it is taking care and respecting ourselves.

To lead any project in life, at personal or professional level, we should take this into account, as we always have an impact on nature and, obviously, also on ourselves in the short or long term.  But we cannot lead from this commitment to environmental sustainability if we do not truly understand our relationship with nature.

I point out here a basic but very powerful starting point to situate ourselves in this relationship, which is based on understanding the “prepositions” that determine our link with nature: “From”, “In” and “With”:

  • LIVING “FROM” NATURE. We take advantage of what it gives us to live: water, air, food and basic products, elements or materials.  But beyond that, we take from nature everything we need to develop at all levels, whether essential or not, and with little or no respect for the limits and regenerative capacity of the planet itself.
  • LIVING “IN” NATURE. Living in or often visiting spaces full of natural life. There we enjoy landscapes, intrinsic natural resources of quality (water, air and biodiversity) and a well-being or energy that connects us more with life.  But this does not necessarily mean that we are involved in respecting and caring for nature.
  • LIVING “WITH” NATURE. From here we already activate a different relationship with the natural environment, more on an equal footing. We respect and adapt to the cycles and natural life because nothing is more than nothing, and because to live in balance we should overcome our permanent “Homocentrism” to open ourselves to a richer, more prosperous, fairer and sustainable vision from “Biocentrism”.

Logically, we need to live “FROM” nature, and this should make us aware of its importance to us, and therefore respect it more, exploit it less, set certain limits and commit ourselves to caring for it and regenerating it at all times.

And it is also logical and good to live “IN” nature, whether permanently or sporadically.  There we are more connected to our natural part, we know and understand it more, and we compensate for our omnipresent relationship with an urbanised and very artificial society; which although it has very good things, it is not everything and cannot make us disconnect mentally and physically from nature.

But only by living “WITH” nature will we get to know and integrate its cycles and values, we will move away from the arrogance that has led us to abuse it to the point of threatening our own health or existence, and we will be balanced with all life on this fantastic planet which, at the same time, will bring us more health, more well-being, more happiness and more meaning or connection to life.

From now on, when you are about to lead or execute any action or project, think about where you want to do it from, and what weight you want to give to each of these three prepositions.

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