• We can change or incorporate almost any habit if we make it very simple to get started. 
  • Leading our habits is a key part of leading our lives. 
  • With the “One Minute Rule”, there is no excuse. Convince yourself, make up your mind and take action now towards your new habit.

How many times are we clear that we want to incorporate or change a certain habit…but how many times do we put it off or make unsuccessful attempts that do not allow us to reach our goal?

Leading our habits is a key part of the leadership of our own life, because we are, above all, what we do most often, as it builds us every day and in every small action.

There are many factors that influence the creation or change of habits, and we should give them the importance they deserve because of the enormous impact they have on our existence. But I want to share a very simple system that works very well and, I hope, that if you apply it, it will bring great changes in your life.

When I discovered the “One Minute Rule” by James Clear, it was a turning point in many habits that I wanted to work on, but never found out how or when.

When it is clear to us that we want to act on a specific habit, we tend to get carried away and then we want to activate it all at once in a very short time.   Sometimes this works, but most of the time it leads to failure or procrastination. But if we set ourselves an exaggeratedly affordable minimum to activate that habit, we will facilitate our initiation towards it, we will avoid procrastination, we will change our mentality and our identity with respect to it, and in the end it is highly probable that we will manage to consolidate it.

Due to various personal and professional issues, I had a very complicated year 2022, and I practically lost my reading habit. Although it was an activity that I loved and enriched me a lot, I could rarely find the time to get back to it in a constant way, and my reading rate had dropped drastically. To get back to it, I applied this rule of minimums to myself and decided to read one minute a day, without ever failing. This broke down the mental and time-organisation barrier I had, and I started to read again every day, even if it was only one page. Logically my aspiration is not to read a page a day, but with this I reconnect with the habit, I consider myself a constant reader again, I enjoy my books and I want to read more. I’m a good reader again and I usually read quite a lot every day; but many days I’m busy and can’t, but I continue to apply myself to the minimum of one minute or one page.

And that works for almost everything.  From getting into the habit of doing practical things like yoga or sport, to changing the dynamics of getting a good night’s sleep, eating well, or having better health or a better relationship with your partner.

Making your habits very simple is a very powerful strategy, because when we start a good practice, it is very easy to keep doing it, because the important thing is that we are already in the right lane.

And anyone can read a page, walk 40 steps, do three sit-ups, send a whatsapp to his mother or meditate for a minute.  Now you have no excuse.  In a meditated and convinced way, decide which habit you want to incorporate or work on, and act immediately.

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