• To have motivated and committed teams, we need to talk less about teams and more about people. 
  • The attitude of the whole is the result of what the majority of its members bring to the group. 
  • A good team is the consequence of working well with each person in relation to the common purpose.

 How to have motivated and committed teams?

After years of thinking about and experimenting with this key issue, both in my expeditions and in my professional and business projects, I think I have a pretty good answer: They don’t exist!

Or at the very least, we need to rethink our view of teams in order to be able to answer this question properly. To understand how a team works or how we want a team to work, we have to go to the root, to talk less about teams and more about people.

It all starts with “the” person, in the singular. Each person has their fears, their illusions, their problems, their values, their priorities, their energy, etc.  And then if that person joins with another person or persons, we have a “group of people” that add up to a lot of personal conditions that may or may not coincide.  And if this group sets itself a goal, then we have a team.

The attitude of the group as a whole is the result of what the majority of its members contribute to the group. If each person or several of them brings motivation, commitment and positive attitude to the group, we can have a team that accumulates these key factors. But if each person or several of them brings negativity, little or no commitment, and is not motivated by the project, it will be impossible to have cohesive teams, excited and fully involved with the objective.

Each person makes a difference, and organisational leadership must focus clearly on each person to see what difference they can contribute to make in the group. A well-integrated and high-performing team is the consequence of all the work done well with each person in relation to the common goal and purpose.

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  1. run 3 28 November, 2023 at 09:27 - Reply

    Organizational leadership needs to pay close attention to each individual to determine what kind of impact they can bring to the organization since every person matters.

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