• At every stage of life we need to renew part of the relationships we have, so that we do not become stuck. 
  • We should not resign ourselves to being with negative people, as this conditions our happiness and our progress. 
  • It is not about being arrogant or thinking we are better than others, but about connecting in an authentic way with the life we want to live.

They say that we are the average of the five people we relate to the most. Statistics aside, what is certain is that our relational environment directly influences our way of being and evolving.

We are evolving beings, and although it is very important to maintain true and lasting friendships, at each stage of life we need to renew part of the relationships we have, so as not to get stuck in a way of thinking and acting that might be good for a phase, but no longer so good for our current moment and, above all, for the one we want to reach.

If you want to be a healthy, happy and prosperous person, you should try to be with people who are on the same mood. It is clear that healthy people function differently from those who are not committed to their health; that happy people have a different disposition from those who live bitter lives; and that people who aspire to a quality life (in whatever sense you want to give this concept), think differently from those who are satisfied with a mediocre or limited life.

Surely you are surrounded by one or more negative people in your personal or professional life, and you should not resign yourself to this, because in one way or another they will be conditioning your happiness and your progress.

It is not about being arrogant or thinking you are better than others. It is about recognising that everyone is at a different stage or vision of their journey, wishing the greatest good for all involved, while connecting in an authentic and committed way to the life you want to live.

You don’t help anyone who has a negative connection to life by participating in their drama and dysfunction. You can help them with empathy and by providing them with inspiration, examples and some tool or method that can help them, but never by allowing yourself to be drawn into their state of negativity.

Our emotional balance, our health, our prosperity and, ultimately, our happiness, has a lot to do with our relationships; so it is an issue that we must take care of as much as possible and give it the importance it deserves at various levels:

  • There are genuine and long-standing friendships of those who are happy when everything is going well for you and worry about you when you have a problem, and vice versa. These are golden relationships that bring us a maximum level of vital happiness —> Care for and nurture the relationship as much as possible.
  • There are people who bring you happiness and can greatly influence your own positive development, and you should try to get closer to them and spend more time with them —> Enhance relationship time.
  • There are people you can help in a positive evolution if you can exert a good influence on them. It is worth it if they are open to it and without them sucking up all your time and energy —> Moderate your relationship time.
  • There are people who contribute to you and you contribute to them in specific aspects, and it is good to dedicate time to relationships, but not to make a large proportion of your time in your life extensive —> Limit the relationship time.
  • There are people who must necessarily be in your life, but you see that they subtract more than they add —> Reduce relationship time as much as possible.
  • There are people who are very negative, even toxic, and they don’t contribute anything to your life —> Eliminate relationship time altogether.

In the end, progress towards a good life is directly connected to a continuous progression of improvement of the people in your life.

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