• With the social and environmental challenges we face, being neutral is being part of the problem. 
  • Leadership that does not incorporate vision and commitment to sustainability is always bad leadership. 
  • Everything we do leaves a footprint, but we must decide what footprint we want to leave.

Today it is impossible for any minimally intelligent and informed person to be unaware of the great social and environmental challenges we face on our planet.

Taking it to the field of personal or organisational leadership, it is clear that the worst thing a leader can do is to ignore, hide or deny a challenge or problem, while being aware of it.  Only that makes him or her a bad leader.

If put together these two concepts, we conclude that only good leaders will be those who incorporate into their project, strategy and effective action, the sustainability variable of which, in reality, they are fully aware.

And some variables of this enormous global challenge are so critical in their impact and urgency that if you adopt a neutral position, you are part of the problem.

Everything we do, both personally and professionally, has an impact beyond the results we pursue in doing it.  And this impact, in the end, is the legacy we leave to the world, to society, to the next generations, to our children and grandchildren.

The question is whether we are going to take responsibility for this legacy or whether we are simply going to dedicate ourselves to getting our own short-term result, or to leaving some physical asset, without caring in the slightest about what happens from there.

Just for self-esteem, pride, reputation or exemplarity, we should aspire to be a little more “significant” to the world than just a short-sighted, selfish, negative consumer, manager or leader for the common good.

Now that COOP28 is being held, it is a good opportunity to take the reflection from global thinking and responsibility to action and personal involvement.  And now that the end of the year is approaching, and the Christmas season is upon us, when our consumption is activated to the maximum, at the same time as our traditions, values, sensibilities and reflections are exalted, it is a good time to question all our actions.

Whenever we are going to lead any action, be it personal, professional, team or organisational management, we should ask ourselves some key questions:

  • What impact do I have on the world (society and/or the environment) by doing this… be it buying, investing, voting, strategising, making team or business decisions, etc.
  • In my daily leadership do I want to be part of the problem or part of the solution?.
  • In pursuing my goal (personal or professional), what do I have to take into account or rectify in order not to bring directly negative effects (or drastically reduce them)?.

Everything we do or lead leaves a footprint.  And not only on the planet, but also on our life trajectory.  And we must decide what footprint we want to leave.

Let’s think for a moment about what we will answer our children or grandchildren when they ask us: What did you do to stop or improve this?

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