• Dreaming or wishing hard for something is not enough. It is necessary to take action. 
  • We cannot allow ourselves to treat our most important dreams or desires from a romanticised or idealised point of view. 
  • Excuses are like a cancer that runs through your body and keeps you from moving towards your goals.

The worst failure in your life is not daring to fight for the life you really want.

In my adventurous life as well as in my more professional life, I have had some successes and many failures, but the latter I have clearly classified into categories.

To give an adventurous example: Not achieving a goal is a small failure, because you were fighting for it. If you get injured or something unfortunate happens, it is a problem added to the failure of not achieving the goal. Not being able to start a project because potential sponsors or investors have not bought it is a big disappointment that prevents you from moving towards your goals. But the worst failure of all is when you have dreamed and deeply desired to do a certain project, but you have not been able to start it because you have not even dared to set out to organise and sell it.

It is a failure that does not count because nobody has seen it, and even you yourself forget about it and justify yourself; but one day you will look in the mirror and recognise your enormous personal failure, because there are only two possible analyses: either it was not true and you were deluding yourself into thinking that it was so important to you, or it was true that you were very interested in it, but you did not have the courage to go for it.  And to feel that you are self-deceived in your deepest desires, or that you don’t have the courage to move towards them, is the worst perception one can have of oneself.

Dreaming or wishing hard for something is not enough. Action is needed. What is the point of having a goal if it never comes true?.

How often do we not dream and wish intensely for a certain job or business, or to have a partner, or to go on a special trip; but at the same time we have almost decided beforehand that we are not going to activate ourselves especially for it.

Making a decision is the first step towards any goal, and then taking action without knowing the outcome is the next step. Analytical thinking can often distract you from getting going. A little planning is fine, but having a complete and crystal clear plan is hardly ever necessary and often only serves to postpone getting started, because our perfectionism, or our fear and insecurity, will always cause us to hesitate to take the first real step.

No one can tell you what the love of your life is like, or assure you that a job or business will go well, or that that trip will be a success and there will be no mishaps.  But if you really want it and don’t try, failure in your most sincere desires or dreams is already assured, because you will never have the chance to find your true love, to have a job or business that makes you happy, or to live a special experience on that longed-for trip.

But we humans are very good at finding excuses when we don’t want to or don’t know how to move towards any goal. Don’t let excuses rule you; let your passion and the power of your dream or desire be stronger. Excuses are like a cancer that runs through your body and activates objections to convince you that you can’t or don’t deserve to move towards your purpose, towards the life you really want.

But let’s not underestimate the excuses, which can be so strong that our mind is not even able to identify them. That is why it is easier to live life in conditional: I would really like to do it; I will do it someday; I will do it when I have the circumstances, when I have enough savings, when I can take a sabbatical, when I am a certain age, when… It is very easy to be the kings of procrastination and stay living in our comfortable, entertaining, routine and familiar zone, even if it keeps us away from our true connection with the life we want and the meaning we want to give it.

It is understandable to have doubts and sometimes lack motivation and energy, but maybe it is because our dream or desire is not really that important. If this is the case, it is better to erase it from our minds, otherwise one day we will regret it very much and we will experience a frustration in our lives that will be difficult to assimilate.

Everyone is the leader of his or her own life and has the total freedom to make or not to make decisions and take actions in the direction of his or her most important desires; but we should be very clear that when you do not move towards your goal, you begin to lose sight of the meaning of your life. On the contrary, when you activate towards your goal, you discover that you had the energy inside and you only needed to open the valve to connect it with what you intensely want to do in life, that which is non-negotiable, that which you see that the more you advance, however much it costs and involves sacrifices, it connects you with your sense of life and enhances your motivation and happiness to the maximum.

But let’s go back to the beginning. It all starts with getting our main question right: Do I really want this desire, dream or goal?. This is a radically important question in our life and we cannot afford to treat it from a romanticised or idealised point of view, because our time is passing and our life is not a simulacrum!

And if the answer is “YES”, throw your assumptions and excuses in the trash, stop settling for not living your important desires and just get going. Wherever you get to, you will always be proud that you have been authentic and true to your dreams, to your important desires and, ultimately, to your life.

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