• Having and activating talent will be one of the biggest challenges for organisations. 
  • Talented people are stimulated by similar peers, and are easily demotivated if they are in a mediocre environment. 
  • It is not just about bringing in talent, but about creating an environment and an overall attitude that allows talent to be activated to the maximum.


In 15th century Florence, the wealthy Medici banking family began to finance the arts.

This funding spread to other families, attracting the best artists and thinkers in the world to the same place at the same time. Despite being in a tremendously unstable time due to wars, plague and tensions of all kinds, the density and interaction of so much talent unleashed an impressive capacity to create and innovate, which gave rise to what we end up calling the “Renaissance”.

In today’s changing, uncertain and complex environment, we need to find or create the Medici effect of 15th century Florence, in order to progress towards a prosperous future for the company, because having and activating talent will be one of the biggest challenges for organisations.

Talented and ambitious people are scarce, so if they are all randomly mixed together, as tends to happen naturally in life, the most talented and ambitious will not have many like-minded peers, and will tend to settle or fade into the commonality.

But if you find such people and put them together with other talented and ambitious people, they flourish like dry plants given water.

Most talented and ambitious people are hungry for the kind of stimulation they would receive from similar peers and, conversely, are easily demotivated if they are in a mediocre or static environment.

It’s not just about recruiting new talent or empowering the talent we have in the organisation. It is about creating an environment and an overall attitude that allows them to be deployed and activated to the maximum in the service of common projects.

A key part of the organisation’s strategy must be focused on creating an ecosystem with a high density of talent and divergent thinking. An environment where we can surround ourselves with other great thinkers and ambitious minds who feel the need and see the ease of sharing knowledge and aspiration to create value, innovate and anticipate societal trends.

Let us find or create our ‘Medicci Effect’ from 15th century Florence, and prepare our organisation for a time of great progress in this complex and yet opportunity-filled world.

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