• Many people take advantage of a major trauma to review their path and their sincere connection to their sense of life. 
  • The real super power we have is the power to change ourselves. 
  • Let’s not wait for an impact from the outside, but make our own impact to activate our path to a fulfilled life.
Cresta Lofoten

How long has it been since you’re not where you want to be?

Too often we go through life following a predetermined script that we have almost never written ourselves, and we take it for granted without really asking ourselves if that is what makes sense for our purpose in life.

From the people with whom I have shared adventures and projects, perhaps the ones who have had the greatest impact on me in relation to this reflection are Pep, Nelson and Camila.

With Pep Busquets we did three Dakars together. He had a serious spinal cord injury in a car accident at the age of 18, but he fully reconnected with life and was the first Spanish driver in a wheelchair to take part, and together (me as his co-driver that year) we were the first team in history to finish the toughest race in the world of motorsport driving with only our hands.

With Nelson Cardona we climbed Mt.Everest together. He lost a leg in a serious fall while climbing, but he reconnected with life to the fullest, and was the first Latin American amputee to reach the top of the world.

With Camila Vargas we produced an album and a video clip together. She had a double lung transplant due to acute cystic fibrosis since childhood, but she fully reconnected with life and wanted to make her dream of being a singer come true despite having only 15% lung capacity.

All three have one thing in common: they are personally successful people who had a big impact on their lives that made them rethink their path to deeply connect with their essence, and commit themselves to the fullest to live the life they really wanted to live.

I am sure you know many cases of people who, after having suffered a major trauma in life, such as the loss of a loved one, a serious illness, an accident, going bankrupt, etc., instead of falling into victimhood and depression, have brought out the best version of themselves, rethinking the essence of their life, growing a lot personally and connecting with their own life purpose to become very happy.

Its impact has given them the opportunity to be courageous, to not let themselves be contaminated by unnecessary things and to go straight to the priorities that really matter to them.

The real challenge is for all the people who have not suffered any trauma in life, and therefore do not give themselves the opportunity to make an intense process of reflection and personal evolution towards their true purpose.

There is a lot of merit in having a big impact on your life serve as a platform for great personal improvement. But I think there should be even more merit in all of us knowing how to make this review and this change or evolution towards full happiness without having to take a hard hit.

But in reality, although there are people who know how to resolve it, the vast majority do not even consider that it is they who lead their lives and that it is their own purpose, their own goals and their own path that will determine their meaning in life and their degree of happiness.

Happiness in general is not a valid concept, but one’s own happiness is. And we should aspire that our life, which depends to a large extent on our own attitude, should not have to require a great TRAUMA in order to be revised, improved, enriched and expanded.

We should be courageous and apply intelligence to seek this revision and/or revolution within ourselves if our life position is creaking.

The real super power we have is the power to change ourselves.

Let us not wait for an impact from outside, but make our own impact to activate our path to a fulfilled life.

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  1. strands 6 April, 2024 at 06:35 - Reply

    This reflection serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of reevaluating our paths in life and reconnecting with our true purpose.

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