• Moving towards more sustainable living should not be a sacrifice, but a positive and challenging process. 
  • 3 steps: Conviction, commitment and satisfaction to move towards changing more sustainable habits in daily personal and professional life. 
  • It’s not so much about saving the world, but about saving ourselves from being shitty to the world.

Moving towards a more sustainable life does not have to be associated with sacrifice, but rather with a positive attitude, a stimulating process and a greater connection with one’s own sense of life.

Uffff… now I have to recycle everything, I have to eat less meat, I have to travel less, I have to avoid as much plastic as possible, the aluminium foil is fatal, I can’t buy fashionable and cheap clothes, I have to buy in bulk, I have to change my mobile phone less, etc, etc, etc… What a tiring speech!

It is clear that if we do not adopt more sustainable habits, we are contributing directly to the pollution of ecosystems, to the loss of human health and to the overexploitation of resources. This is clear to almost everyone a bit intelligent. The problem is that in order to reverse this negative individual and collective behaviour, we experience it as a great sacrifice and a renunciation of a lifestyle that is comfortable for us and that forms part of our most ingrained habits.

Moreover, we always have the excuse that we can have little impact individually, when the main root of the problem is big corporations and governments themselves. And even then, we cease to get involved in an effort that seems absurd to us, fully self-justified by our insignificance in the face of the global challenge. But only by leading our personal and professional lives in a more sustainable way can we aspire to have and lead more sustainable organisations and governments, and thus have a more positive future for all.

I propose to change the point of view completely. To live positively this global ecosystemic challenge as a species, and to become part of the solution with a courageous, committed and inspiring attitude. I propose to move from the vision of sacrifice to the vision of abundance and empowerment in three steps:

 1.Conviction: which has to come from answering a simple question: Do I want to be part of the problem or do I want to be part of the solution with my daily actions in the face of the great challenges facing the planet?

2.Commitment: understanding that to be neutral is, directly, to be part of the problem. Therefore, if your answer to the first point was not to be on this side, you cannot remain in the middle ground, and you must take sides.

3.Satisfaction: having fun, adding and stimulating yourself with the whole process of moving towards a change of more sustainable habits in daily life.

I am considered a man of challenges, and I always defend that it is very efficient to turn everything we believe important in life into a challenge, to connect us to the positive, to our values, to our goals, and to the passion for the process. A few years ago I discovered from here that in order to apply a clear improvement of sustainability in my habits, I had to turn it into a challenge. And things changed completely. Every month I set out to incorporate a specific change in my personal and professional habits, clearly focused on sustainability. The result was spectacular.

Now for me it’s more fun than boring, and more stimulating than sacrificing to change processes that I had automated and were comfortable, but that were taking me away from my sustainable life. Some months I make a big change, and other months I do something simple but I am convinced that I will be consistent and that I will not go back. I still have a lot of behaviours to change, but I am much better than I was a few years ago, and I am very excited to continue on this path of improvement. Every month (or every week sometimes), I have the opportunity to apply more of what really connects me to the world, and is a powerful source of personal energy. For every change or renunciation I make, I gain so much more and feel happy and connected to my personal evolution and leadership. It is a bargain that life gives me that, moreover, in most cases, makes me more efficient in terms of organisation and personal economy.

I invite you to apply this system from now on, and you will begin to enjoy a transformation that before seemed complicated and sacrificed. You will begin to connect more with your positive sense for yourself and for the common needs of society and the planet. And you will discover that it is very good to choose to live on the solution side of everything we can incorporate into our daily lives.

Consciousness will not save the world or make us more sustainable. It is actions (conscious ones, of course) that will save the world and make us more sustainable.

Talking a lot about it, complaining about how bad things are and theorising about what is required of society is all very well, but only if we incorporate all that talk or thought into our daily life actions.

Our individual action may not solve all the world’s problems, but it will add up to something; and it will certainly create a small ripple effect around us. And sometimes big changes are brought about by this tiny effect that becomes exponential after a while.

Although it may be a bit abrupt to explain it this way, we can understand hat if we are what we eat (inwards), we are also what we create (outwards). So if our lifestyle generates a lot of shit, we are basically shit.

In the end, it’s not so much about saving the world, it’s about saving ourselves from being shitty to the world.

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