• External time is measured in minutes and hours, but it only represents a part of our life time. 
  • Inner time depends on what our consciousness is focused on at the moment. 
  • Of all the brain’s capacities, few are as easy and quick to modify as the so-called “sense of time”.

The key is not only how we organise and use our time, but also how we internalise time through its meaning and perception.

We always treat time as the way we manage our hours, days and years of life, in the best possible way according to the parameters and needs of each person.  But this is only the “External Time”, the one measured by the clock.  The most important part is in the perception of this time for each of us.  This is our “Internal Time”.

How long is an hour? Some will say sixty minutes, others will say “it depends”. A question that seems trivial at first glance, but can only be answered if we consider the time interval in relation to the deep experience we perceive.

This morning, from 6.30am to 7.40am, just before breakfast and writing this text, I was running alone in the mountains. For one hour and ten minutes I was practising sport.  It lasted as long as any other activity I could have done during that time. But that hour has meant so much more in my internal time: it has filled me with energy, it has made me feel healthy, it has let me be moved by a beautiful sunrise, it has inspired me to think and activate myself on very positive themes throughout the day. And it has given me a brutal connection with nature through all my senses: the sight of a radiant spring day; the feel of the breeze, the humidity and the freshness on my skin; the smell of wet grass and lavender scent; the hearing of a unique bird concert; and even the taste, having tasted some mint leaves (and I enjoyed my breakfast after running).

An hour waiting for a train that is running late feels endless, but at the same time tiresome and useless. An hour working on something that fulfils us is quite realistic in “clock” parameters, but it makes us feel useful and well connected to a goal. An hour making love is very short, but the pleasure, passion and fulfilment it brings us is of maximum power in the moment and for a very long time. An hour collaborating in a social or environmental cause may be shorter or longer, but it always connects us to our personal best, to a positive impact on the world, and to a sense of transcendence.

Inner time is not measured in minutes and hours. That is external time, which only represents a part of our life time. What we can perceive in a temporal space has nothing to do with the clock, but with the internal processes that are generated from there.

Internal time depends on what our consciousness is focused on at the time, and experiencing it is a complex capacity of the brain. But the good news is that it is a capacity that results more from learning than from an innate ability.

I declare myself to be absolutely ambitious in relation to my time in life. On other factors I am more conformist or careless, but on this one I have always been a radical. And from this position, I encourage you to give it the utmost importance both in its “External Time” management part and in your awareness and training to maximise your “Internal Time”.

The book of our life is written in our head, and we must decide whether or not to be its writers. Making this decision brings us an immense opportunity, for of all the brain’s capacities, few are as easy and quick to modify as the so-called “sense of time”.

One of the things we most desire in our lives is freedom, and one of the things we most value is our time. So let us unite both concepts by taking full responsibility for both: let us make good use of the great freedom we have to decide how we use our external time, how we react to the temporal rhythm of our environment, how we fill it with purpose and awareness and, finally, how we feel time.

Let us honour our time in all that depends on us.

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