• In critical moments is when we have to bring out our best version, and apply the learning and positive attitude that we have accumulated in life. 
  • 3 key principles to apply in the event of an accident or serious unforeseen event: accept, trust and do very well what depends on ourselves. 
  • Crises and accidents should be experienced as a challenge and not as a problem. In this way we change the vision, the action and the positive connection.

I am writing this from the hospital, recently operated on for a serious tibia and fibula fracture following a canyoning accident 3 days ago.

When we have an “accident”, be it physical, emotional, professional or in any other field, it always involves a trauma in our reality, forecasts and wellbeing.  Suddenly everything changes and we enter into a tsunami of emotions and factors to manage.

This is not the first one I have had in any of the areas mentioned, and it will certainly not be the last.

Life itself involves going through unwanted bumps or obstacles from time to time. That is why it is clear to me that it is at these almost inevitable moments in life that we have to bring out the best version of ourselves.  It is when we have to apply everything we have learned and worked on during our previous experience.  And it is when it really counts to have and apply a positive attitude towards life’s challenges.

In these situations, and right now from my hospital bed, I am clear about three simple but key principles that form part of my process and approach to any accident.  I share them in case they might be of use to anyone:

1) ACCEPT. Which is not the same as resignation.  Reality is what it is, whether we like it or not. And it is not worth complaining, cursing for what has happened, or spending energy thinking about the pain and how well we would be if we could rewind a few minutes before the accident. In life you cannot rewind, and whatever happens, a new reality comes to us that we must understand, assume and accept, to see what we can do from it. Only from this acceptance will we be able to lead our way from this ‘accident’.

2) TRUST. In the new situation, there are many things that do not depend on us, and we cannot wear ourselves out or be anxious about what we cannot control.  It is time to trust in the process, in ourselves, in the key people (doctors, partners, friends, partners, etc.), and that everything will get better.

3) DO YOUR PART WELL: Make the best of what depends on you. In the face of uncertainties, sudden changes, accidents and complex situations, we have to look for stability in ourselves. There we cannot fail.  It is good to trust and let ourselves be helped, but we cannot delegate the essential part that depends on us.  We have to be ‘Killers’ in overcoming the situation that has arisen.

In the case that affects me now, I am convinced that by applying these three points thoroughly, I will recover fully and much more quickly than the doctors themselves estimate. And soon I will be back out on the mountain, connected to the adventures that I am so passionate about and that are so much a part of my life.

No one wants an accident, and no matter how much we are told it will be another chance, we know it’s a shit.  But if instead of treating it as a problem, we treat it as a challenge, everything will change.  We will connect with the positive side, with the meaning we will be able to find, with the opportunities it brings, with the learning and even with the illusion of overcoming it.

An accident or trauma can be experienced as a victim or as a fighter. That will determine our connection with life from that point onwards, and it only depends on the attitude we choose.

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