Crossing the great frozen lakes of each continent with Arctic area


The Last Ice is an ambitious project of exploration, adventure and science on the last frozen lakes of the northern hemisphere. A team of 3 athletes with vast experience in extreme environments will study and document the impact of global warming while traversing the main sweet water lakes in arctic Canada, Russia and Siberia, and finishing in the North Pole.

The primary objective behind “The Last Ice” is to take full advantage of the rare opportunity to be in close contact with one of the purest and most delicate regions on Earth.

By doing so, this project is seeking to provide a fresh account of the consequences of global warming as well as to inform and raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and the varied threats these areas are currently experiencing, and how these threats are ultimately affecting the health and well-being of mankind.

We work closely with a team of researches and different educational institutions for each Project. As a result, we don’t only provide a vast field research back for them but we are producing 360-degree video recordings for each one of the expeditions.

Exploring the present in order to create a better future


Taking advantage of the exploration to remote sites of our planet, we collaborate with a selected number of institutions and universities in different projects.  And each expedition will have a documentary associated with it that we will record in standard format and in 360 degree format and through which the viewer can experience each one of our voyages in first hand and without any filter, enjoying the story of the expedition and the reflections and learning in relation to the climatic and environmental issue.