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It is a character with a long track as Adventurer, Entrepreneur and Writer.

Among many other adventures, has crossed Antarctica unassisted from the coast to the South Pole (1.152Km. -98% Solo); has completed the ‘7 Summits’ project (Climbing the highest mountain of each continent, finishing at the top of Mt.Everest); has participated in 9 Dakar Rallies (2 with Motor-Bike & 7 with Car) where in 2015 he became the first pilot in history to drive a 100% Electric car in the Dakar Rally; he is a regular Ultra Marathons runner, and has done more than 100 races & challenges in different extreme sports.

First person to use Blockchain in a personal sports challenge; Integral Costa Brava Triathlon (1st NFT of the history of a personal challenge) and summit del Aneto (1st NFT of an ascent to a summit).

He is an entrepreneur since he was 26 years old, and in 2004 founded INVERGROUP as a platform to manage and promote projects in the field of clean energy and environment.

In both fields he has achieved some remarkable successes, but also has accumulated a large number of failures which he accepts with pride, because they are also part of his life evolution.

Both in the adventure and entrepreneurship, he keeps always committed to strong values of sustainability.

Renowned speaker and writer about leadership attitudes, with Six books published:

– “THE FUTURE EXPLORER” – Key attitudes to lead the future
– “LIVING TO FEEL ALIVE” – 2.304.400 steps to the end of the world
– “THE TRAVEL’S VALUE” – Lessons from 10 Historic travel of great explorers
– “SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE” – The 7 challenges of the Entrepreneur
– “PABLO PINEDA” – Being different is a value

He likes challenges, prepare thoroughly to get them, and organize the project to get the best result from both the sporting challenge as professional or personal level, and in terms of the social and environmental impact they entail.

Albert was born in 1966 in Sant Joan de les Abadesses (Girona-Catalonia-Spain). His biggest adventure: family with 3 kids. He studied Business and M.B.A. in E.S.A.D.E.

Each project is a Business Plan


Sport and Adventure


Photo: Jesús Renedo

We usually only have photos of our successes, because failures are not nice or we do not we want to remember them. But in order to achieve some success, before you have to dare to fail, and we must know how to learn from mistakes and defeats.

If I do not put my failures in my CV, I would be missing the truth; and at the end, my few or many sporting or adventurous successes, never have been possible without the bones I broke, the races that I have not finished, the mountains that I could climb, and the challenges which defeated me.

Before showing my achievements, I want to highlight my some of my main failures:

Abandonment in Mt.Rosa (Alps), Dôme des Ecrins (Alps), The Dibona (Alps), Cervino x 2 attempts (Alps), The North Face of Grand Casse (Alps), Punta Margherita (Alps), Besiberri north (Pyrenees), Posets (Pyrenees), Oriental Hell (Pyrenees), Aneto (Pyrenees), Needle Pondiellos (Pyrenees), Garmo Negro (Pyrenees), Koshtan Tau (Russian Caucasus), and many other minor peaks.
Accident Dakar 1998 (arm fracture) – Abandonment Dakar 2001 (engine failure) – Abandonment Dakar 2011 (The race beat me) – Abandonment Dakar 2015 (ECU failure in a 100% electric car) – Accident Jarama Circuit (Madrid) Yamaha RD Cup 1988 (broken collarbone) – Accident “3 Days Trial Santigosa” 1983 (Fracture nasal septum) – Fall in Calafat Circuit (Tarragona) x Spanish Endurance Championship Superbike 1989 – Accident Off Road Spanish Championship 1997 (Broken Ankle) – Abandonment Baja Spain-Aragon 1990 and 2000 (failure) – More than 20 other races unfinished.
Abandonment “Taga 2040” 2009 – Ski Mountain Crossing “Ecrins” 2000 – Vallfogona Duathlon 2010 – Ski Mountain Crossing “The Silvretta” 2008 – Adventure Raid Tavertet Extrem 2004 – Cazorla MTB Crossing 2002 – Adventure Raid “España X-Trem” 1999.


With his different expeditions to the Arctic and the Antarctica, he is one of the main polar experts in Spain.

SOUTH POLE 1911-2011 (Antarctica Integral Traverse)
In order to celebrate the centenary of the first man reaching the South Pole, he crossed the Antarctica from the coast to the South Pole in total self sufficiency (unsupported of any supplying), and without any extra energy (motor systems or kites). 1.152Km. really extreme, done Solo 98%. 67 days of expedition. 19 with a friend, from which 15 we have been blocked in the tent and 4 skiing with my team mate, and 48 totally alone.
Self sufficient Ski traverse of Onega Lake, the biggest in Europe that freezes. 150Km. – 6 days, from Medvezhyegorsk to Kizhi island. The 2nd expedition in the project “THE LAST ICE“.
THE GREAT SLAVE LAKE 2018 (Northwest territories in Canada)
Self sufficient Ski traverse the northwestern arm of Great Slave Lake, from Yellowknife to Lutsle K’e (Territory of the indigenous Dene tribes). 170Km. – 7 days. Expedition of the project “THE LAST ICE” (Exploration of the main frozen lakes of each continent limiting the Arctic, and the North Pole, to spread and raise awareness about the consequences of Climate Change, the retreat of the ice and pollution).
BALTIC SEA TRAVERSE 2017 (Finish Lapland)
Self sufficient Ski traverse from Oulu to Kemi (Finland) with Pepe Ivars and Pako Crestas. 120Km. – 4 days.
INARI LAKE-BARENTS SEA 2016 (Finland – Arctic Circle)
Self sufficient Solo Ski traverse of the Inari Lake (Finland), crossing Lapland forests up to the Barents sea. 205Km. – 8 days.
JOKKMOKK TRAVERSE 2014 (Swedish lapland – Arctic Circle)
Traverse from Gallivare and Jokkmokk, crossing mountains, tundra, boreal forests and frozen lakes. A complete and demanding adventure of 220Km. – 6 days.
Traverse of the Denali National Park, in Alaska, as an approach to climb the highest peak in North America. 115Km. – 17 days.

The highest mountain of each continent. All peaks have been achieved on the first try.

17/05/2010 EVEREST- 8.850m Nepal. Highest peak in Asia and the World.
03/12/2009 Mt.VINSON- 4.892m Highest peak in Antarctica.
08/06/2009 DENALI- 6.194m Alaska, USA. North America’s highest summit.
16/11/2008 PIRÁMIDE DE CARSTENSZ- 4.884m Papua Island. Highest peak in Oceania.
16/01/2008 ACONCAGUA- 6.962m Argentina. Highest peak in South America.
12/05/2007 ELBRUS- 5.641m Russian Caucasus. Europe’s highest peak.
25/09/2006 KILIMANJARO- 5.950m Tanzania. Africa’s Highest peak.

See the website

Acciona 100×100 ecopowered. Photo: Jesús Renedo

9 participations in the hardest motor race in the world, in which he has been a pioneer in different specialties:
– Promoter and co-driver of the first Spanish team driven by a person in a wheelchair (who drove only with his hands), and first team in the history that finished the Dakar in these circumstances
– First Spaniard who participated driving a solo car (without co-driver)
– First driver of the history to participate in the Dakar with a 100% electric car

2015 Acciona Dakar 100% EcoPowered Pilot. First time in history that a non fuel car (100% electric) participates in Dakar Rally. Abandonment Stage 3.
2011 ProDakar/Mc.Rae Pilot. Buggy 2 Weel Drive/Solo. Abandonment Stage 7.
2007 Saunier Duval Pilot. Ranked in 48th place overall, 5th. Spanish (2nd. Private), and 3rd. Category T1-Diesel.
2006 Saunier Duval Pilot. Ranked in 46th place overall, 6th. Spanish, and 3rd. in the NISMO CHALLENGE (Nissan Cup in Dakar).
2005 InstalGroup-Saunier Duval Pilot. Abandonment stage 8 per engine failure.
2001 Toyota Trophy Co-Pilot Paul Belmondo. Ranked in 29th place overall, and winner or the “T2-Diesel” category, ant the “Toyota Trophy” cup.
2000 Don Piso Co-Pilot Pep Busquets. Ranked in 44th place overall, and winner of the “Toyota Trophy” cup.
1999 Objetivo Dakar Motorcycle rider. Ranked in 46th position of the overall.
1998 Objetivo Dakar Motorcycle rider. Abandonment by accident/injury.

Marathon des Sables, ultra running, desert, waa

Passionate about ultra distance multi stages races with a high component of adventure. If he had not dedicated himself to Adventure, he would surely be a specialist Trail Running racer, but he preferred this sport as his training base for great challenges, and a perfect formula to be in permanent contact with nature and discovering very specials sites from both his immediate environment and the entire planet.

MARATHON DES SABLES (PERÚ) Year 2017: 250Km. through the Ica desert in 6 stages and total self-sufficiency. 46 Overall/350 runners
ULTRA CLEAN MARATHON Year 2018: 7 marathons in 7 days. 295Km in a sport and environmental challenge, picking up trash and spreading a clear commitment to the natural environment
ICE ULTRA BEYOND ULTIMATE Year 2014: Lapland (Sweden) – 230Km x 4 Stages. Champions in Team Category and 10th. overall s/32 runners.
MARATHON DES SABLES (MARRUECOS) Sahara Desert (Morocco) – 260Km x 6 Stages – Year 2009: 240 Overall s/890 runners. Year 2011: 104 overal s/900 runners.
JUNGLE MARATHON October 2010: Amazon Jungle (Brasil) – 260Km x 6 Stages – Champions in Team Category (Jungle.Cat) and 6th. overall s/97 runners.
COSTA BRAVA XTREM RUNNING May 2011: From Blanes to Portbou, running all the ‘Costa Brava’ just beside the sea. 24rd. s/180 runners.
COAST TO COAST Year 2015: England crossing from St.Bees (Ireland sea) to Robin Hood Bay (North sea) – 309Km crossing 3 National Parks (Lake District, Yorkshire y North York Moors) – 6 Stages.
TOUR MONT BLANC Year 2016: 170Km. – 4 Stages (France/Italy/Suitzerland).
MT.ATHOS Year 2016: 105Km. – 4 Stages (Greece).
EXTREM MARATHON ZAGORA Sahara Desert (Morocco): 4h30’ – 38rd. Overall s/310 Runners
MARATÓN DE BARCELONA Year 2014: 3h14’12”
ATHENS MARATHON Year 2010 (2.500 Anniversary) – 3h15’10”.
MADRID MARATHON Year 2009: 3h12’14”.
TAGA 2040 Years 2000 – 2001 – 2003 – 2005 – 2008 – 2009 – 2010 – 2012.
OLLA DE NÚRIA Year 2007.
MOUNTAIN RACE MOSSOS DE ESQUADRA SANT AMAND Year 2012 (23Km.-2.740DA) – 67 Clas o/150.
TRAIL TERRA COMPTES I ABADS (32Km.2940m.DA) – 51 Clas o/240
ONCOTRAIL Year 2013: (102 Km. Non Stop) – 13h40′ with Keep Fighting Team. 6th.Clas o/240
MONTSENY MOUNTAIN MARATHON Year 2012: 107 Overall o/500 Runners – (42,6Km.-5.400m.DA)
MOUNTAIN RACE VIC Years 2009 and 2010.
ROGAINING Orientation long endurance races (6h) – 2009: LA ESPLUGA CALVA – 2014: LA LLACUNA
HIGH MOUNTAIN DUATHLON CATALUNYA Queralbs-Puigmal-Nuria-Queralbs. Year 2008: 274 – 2004: 106 – Year 2001: 131rd. – Year 1999: 87º.

Orbea, bicicleta,

He has never stopped doing trips and challenges both in mountain and road bikes. To travel greater distances without polluting, to discover spectacular routes and landscapes, to enjoy with the adrenaline of this specialty and to keep the shape alternating with running, avoiding phisical injuries. Therefore, he has also developed an interesting career in this modality.

ROUTE DES GRANDES ALPES Year 2018: Integral traverse of the French Alps from Thonon (lake Léman-Swiss border) to Menton (Mediterranean). 7 Stages, 700 Km., 19.000m+ , 18 Mountain Cols.
TRANSPYR Year 2017: From San Sebastián (Cantabric sea) to Portbou (Mediterranean sea) in Road Bike by the “Route des Cols” in french pyrenees side. 7 Stages, 843Km., 17,700m+, 24 Cols.
TOUR DU MONT BLANC BTT Year 2016: 180Km.
L’ETAPE DU TOUR Year 2009: Montelimar – Mt.Ventoux (178Km.)
24 BICYCLE HOURS MONTJUÏC Year 2009: Ranked 5th. DUO Category.
PEDALS OF OCCITANIA Year 2009: Valle de Aran – Spain/France.
CROSSING APENINS Year 2008: Italia.
CROSSING PICOS DE EUROPA Year 2007: Asturias – Cantabria.
TITAN DESERT Year 2006: Shara Desert, South Morocco – Ranked 6th. Team
PEDALS OF CISTER Year 2013: Conca de Barberà – Sierra de Prades.
PEDALS OF PORTS Year 2013: Puertos de Tortosa – Beceite.
PEDALS OF LEÓN Year 2011: León – Picos de Europa.
PEDALS OF FIRE Year 2006: Valle de Aran – Lleida.
CROSSING CÓRCEGA Year 2001: France.
CROSSING WAY OF “BONS HOMES” Year 1999: France – Spain.
CROSSING MAESTRAZGO Year 1998: Castellón/Teruel.
TRANSPIRENAICA MTB Year 1997: Llançà (Girona) – Hondarrabía (San Sebastian).
CROSSING ATLAS Year 1997: Atlas Mountains – Morocco.
CICLO RALLY Years 1999 and 2000: Roda de Ter (Barcelona).

The races and challenges in the motor world have been a very important part of his life. However, due to evolution towards a solid environmental commitment, in 2011 he stopped participating in motor activities related to fossil fuels, and now he is only linked to this sector with projects on Electric Vehicles, using the challenges and his experience to promote sustainable mobility and clean energies.

ANDALUCÍA EVENTURE Year 2017 – 1st. Andalucía Full Tour with Electric Motorbike (Team with Manu Bustelo).
3 DÍAS TRIAL SANTIGOSA (MOTO ELÉCTRICA) Year 2017 – 1st. Pilot taking part in a long distance endurance Trial with a 100% electric motorbike (Brand: Electric Motion).
ECO RALLY Electric & Efficient Vehicles Rally – Team with Agustí Payà with a Mercedes Cl.A Full Electric – 2013: 3rds Qualified – 2015: Champions.
GSeries BPA Year 2014 – Car Ice races – Winner “The Duelo”.
BAJA ESPAÑA-ARAGÓN Year 2005 – Car Rider “Team Beretta”. Ranked 38th. Overall and 5th. T2 Category.
BAJA ESPAÑA-ARAGÓN Year 2000 – Car Co-Pilot Josep Busquets. Abandonment by mechanical failure.
CATALONIA OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP Year 1997 – 3rd. In ‘Senior-C’ Category.
ATLAS RALLYE (Morocco) Year 1996 – Motorcycle rider. Ranked 35th. Overall and 5th. In ‘Marathon’ Category.
24 HOURS OFF ROAD MOIA Year 1995 – 2nd. In ‘125cc.’ Category.
CATALONIA OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP Year 1994 – Ranked 4th. in ‘Senior-B’ Category.
ENDURANCE CHAMPIONSHIP SPAIN (Speed-Circuit) Year 1992 – Ranked 3rd. In over 750cc. Category.
RAID ALTA ALCARRIA Year 1990 – 3rd. Classified in 4 Stroke Category and 6th. overall.
BAJA ESPAÑA-ARAGÓN Year 1990 – Motorcycle rider. Abandonment by mechanical failure.
ENDURANCE CHAMPIONSHIP CATALONIA (Speed-Circuit) Year 1989 – Catalonia Champion in ‘Superbikes’ Category.
ENDURANCE CHAMPIONSHIP SPAIN (Speed-Circuit) Year 1989 – 2nd. Spain overall in ‘Superbikes’ Category.
OTHER FEATURED MOTORCICLE COMPETITIONS Yamaha RD CUP 1998 – 6 Scotish Days Trial 2008 – Raid del Lluçanès (Years ’90 – ’92 – ’94) – 3  Days Trial Santigosa (Years ’83 – ’84 – ’85 – ’86 – ’87 – ’88 – ’89 – ’08 – ’11 – ’12 – ’13 – ’14 – ’15 – ’16 – ’17) -3 Days Trial els Cingles (Year 1987).

It is almost impossible to remember all the mountains that he climbed. All have been important and have left memories, learnings and energy to never want to stop climbing mountains. Here we detail some of the most remembered for different reasons:

2018 TEIDE 3.718m. (Tenerife – Canary Islands
2018 SILVRETTA HORN 3.244m. (Austrian Alps)
2018 PIZ BUIN 3.312m. (Austrian Alps)
2010 KALA PATTHAR 5.550m. (Himalaya – Nepal).
2008 CERRO BONETE 5.008m. (Andes Argentinos).
2007 BESIBERRI NORTE 3.014m. (Pirineo Catalán).
2007 CHEGUET-KARABASHI 3.461m. (Cáucaso Ruso).
2007 MALADETA 3.312m. (Pirinou Aragonés).
2003 LA GRANDE CASSE 3.855m. (French Alps).
2003 LA DIBONA 3.330m. (French Alps).
2003 PUNTA ST.MATEO 3.678m. (Italian Alps).
2003 GRAN ZEBRÚ 3.851m. (Italian Alps).
2001 IL CASTORE 4.228m. (Italian Alps).
1999 DAMAVAND 5.610m. (Irán).
1999 PIGNE D’AROLLA 3.796m. (French Alps).
1999 / 2001 BREITHORN 4.164m. (Suiza).
1999 BESIBERRI SUD 3.034m. (Pirineo Catalán).
1997 MONT BLANC 4.810m. (French Alps).
1997 TOUBKAL 4.165m. (Atlas Marroquí).
1997 / 2005 /2011 / 2017 ANETO 3.404m. (Pirineo Aragonés).
1997 VIGNEMALLE 3.298m. (French Alps).
1997 MULLERES 3.010m. (Pirineo Catalán).
1997 POSETS 3.375m. (Pirineo Aragonés).
1996 / 2017 PICA D’ESTATS 3.143m. (Pirineo Catalán).
1996 VERDAGUER 3.125m. (Pirineo Catalán).
1996 MONTCALM 3.077m. (Pirineo Catalán).

He has participated in many races and done many other challenges, where endurance, emotion and contact with nature have always been common factors:

WHITE TRIATLHON PROBIKE Year 1996.  Sant Joan de l’Erm.  4th. Overall.
WINTER DUATHLON MARTINET Year 1996.  Martinet de Cerdanya.  Ranked 38th. Overall.
DUATHLON SANT JOAN DE LES ABADESSES Years ’95 – ’97 – ’99 – ’00 – ’01 – ’02 – ’03 – ’05 – ’06 – ’08 – ’09 – ’12.
OTHER ROAD DUATHLONS Moià (’02 – ’03 – ’04), Castellfollit de la Roca (’02), Vic (’05-‘07).
CATALAN CIRCUIT MOUNTAIN DUATHLONS Circuit 2003/2004: 15th. Overall
Circuit 2004/2005: 24th. Overall
Circuit 2005/2006: 8th. Cat.V1 (Veterans)
Circuit 2006/2007: 7th. Cat.V1 (Veterans)
Circuit 2007/2008: 7º Cat.V1 (Veterans)
Races done: Sant Hilari Sacalm (’03 – ’02), Mataró (’07 – ’06 – ’04 – ’03), Tavèrnoles (’04- ’12 – ’13), Vallfogona Ripollès (’10 – ’08 – ’06 – ’05 – ’03), L’Ametlla del Vallès (’12 – ’10 – ’09 – ’08 – ’07 – ’06 – ’05 – ’04 – ’03), Súria (’06 – ’05), Caldes de Montbui (’03), Sant Joan Abadesses (’10 – ’09 – ’08 – ’07), Vilanova i la Geltrú (’08 – ’07), Viladecavalls (’08), Cabrils (’08), Folgueroles (’09 – ’10) – Solsonés (’10) – Terrassa (2012).
MOUNTAIN TRIATHLONS IronTerra (’09) – Riudecanyes (’05) – Malgrat (’06-‘08).
ROAD TRIATHLONS Year 2005. Manresa.
RAID AVENTURA DE TORRELLES Year 2009: 6th. Overall.
OPEN TAVERTET EXTREM Year 2007: 2nd. Overall.
RAID DEL BISAURA Year 2007: 5th. Overall.
TAVERTET EXTREM Year 2005: 48 Hours Non Stop (Osona). 15th. Overall
COPA SALOMON Year 2001: 16th. Overall. (Cerdanya).
ESPAÑA X-TREME Year 2000: Abandonment (Sierra de Gredos).
SALOMON X-ADVENTURE Year 1999: 14th. Overall (Picos de Europa).
NON STOP Years ’97 – ’98: 12th. and 8th. (Osona).
CROSSING LES ECRINS Years 2000 y 2015: French Alps.
CROSSING LA SILVRETTA Year 2008: Austrian Alps.
CROSSING VAL DE LA  VANOISE Year 2007: French Alps.
CROSSING BERNINA Year 2005: Italian Alps.
CROSSING LES ORTLES Year 2004: French Alps.
CROSSING NIÇA-BRIANÇON Year 2002: French Alps.
CROSSING CHAMONIX-ZERMATT Year 1999: French/Swiss Alps.
CAP DE CREUS INTEGRAL Year 2017: 3 Stages.