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Ascent to Everest 2010 – 7 Summits Project

Live with passion and responsibility


He is a character with a long track record as an Adventurer, Entrepreneur and Writer; and renowned speaker on topics around leadership, team, change/uncertainty, motivation, sustainability and innovation.

He accumulates outstanding successes and a large number of failures that he accepts with pride as an inseparable part of his learning and his life trajectory.

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From Inspiration to action


A long track record as an adventurer and entrepreneur have made me an expert in the management of ambitious projects. I have focused in sharing concepts and learnings from very intense and authentic experiences lived in the first person, to link them to the field of management and personal and organizational leadership.

Facing an uncertain and complex reality, we must find stability in each of us and in our work teams, adopting a positive and efficient attitude in management to achieve the desired goals.

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1 day ago

A mi me da igual que la gente no piense igual que yo. A estas alturas con que piense ya me conformo...

By albert_bosch0
1 day ago

Hay personas menos cualificadas que tú haciendo cosas que tú querrías hacer, simplemente...

By albert_bosch0
1 day ago

The era of the culture of effort is dead, long live the culture of value contribution! My new ar...

By albert_bosch0
1 day ago

L’època de la cultura de l’esforç ha mort. Visca la cultura de l’aportació de valor! El...

By albert_bosch0
1 day ago

La época de la cultura del esfuerzo ha muerto, ¡Viva la cultura de la aportación de valor! Mi...

By albert_bosch0
1 day ago

La experiencia es muy positiva, pero si domina excesivamente, distorsiona la organización y la h...

By albert_bosch0
2 days ago

Los tiburones matan a 12 personas cada año en el mundo Los humanos matamos 11.500 tiburones ¡C...

By albert_bosch0
3 days ago

5 características que he detectado en la mayoría de personas de éxito que he conocido: -...

By albert_bosch0
3 days ago

Nadie sube al Everest si no quiere. Nadie se compromete con un objetivo si no se lo cree y no lo ...

By albert_bosch0

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