“The great adventure of
living to feel alive”

Albert Bosch

Passion, overcoming, emotion, friendship and living intensively…


I understand life as a great adventure. An exciting project that we must live intensely and lead with responsibility, but full of risks, obstacles, uncertainties and complexities. The difficulties are part of the journey of our existence, and we should go through it positively and not negatively, with passion and not with fear, not looking at it as a problem but as a great opportunity to learn, grow and discover new territories (outside and inside ourselves) that bring all the meaning to our life.

For me, sport is only a way to reach the real goal: adventure. I think that this concept is much more complete than pure sports practice, since it involves the conception of a project, its design, its planning and sale, the creation of a team, logistics, contingency plans, a great opportunity cost, have the necessary material

and technology, know how to communicate it well and, finally, assume the necessary risk to execute it. When they began to call me an adventurer, I was embarrassed and I thought it was disrespectful to the great explorers and adventurers of the history that I have read and admired so much; but I suppose that my curriculum supports me a little and, after all, I am already very comfortable with the concept of adventure, beyond pure physical activity, as a perfect metaphor for living with passion and reflecting on the necessary attitudes to go ahead in life.

In this section you will find content always related to sports and adventure activities that I think can be interesting to share with all of you.

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