Author of five books where Albert writes about key concepts on personal attitudes in life and project leadership, based on their own learnings in extreme and intense experiences lived in first-person on all kinds of adventures and extreme challenges. Albert Bosch is not a researcher, a teacher, a consultant or a journalist engaged in observing reality to analyse and explain it. He lives this reality directly, making their own test, and drawing very practical reflections.

Libro, Explorador, Futuro
El explorador del futuro

“EXPLORER OF THE FUTURE” – It’s a deep reflection about the key trends and attitudes needed to lead the future, based on the metaphor and analogy of the Explorer, as character who was willing to venture into lands that had never been discovered and mapped, knowing that there were many risks and uncertainties, but also many opportunities, new knowledge and intense experiences. (Published in Spanish and Catalan)

Living to feel alive

From my experience as extreme adventurer in the South Pole’s Expedition crossing Antarctica integrally from the coast to the Pole, I explain you the importance of taking responsibility and leadership of our personal and professional projects, for ensure that both can compose an exciting life adventure. (Published in Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Portuguese)

Espíritu de aventura

“SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE” – Any ambitious project, both personally and in business, has many similarities with the management of an Adventure. In this book I analyze the similarities between an entrepreneur and a passionate for adventure projects, by focusing on seven key factors required in both activities:

– Getting used to living in uncertainty
– Be prepared to take risks
– Management of the relationship between success and failure
– Have the necessary intuition
– Be ambitious with your goals
– Understand that loneliness will also be part of the way
– Look for the ‘Good luck’ as an ally

(Published in Spanish and Catalan)

El valor del viaje

“THE VALUE OF THE TRIP” – I was the coordinating author of this book, which is 10 striking historical tours that help us to know really significant moments of human evolution and the discovery of our world, and we provide insights and powerful learning of the great explorers applicable management and leadership of any project. (Published in Spanish)

Pablo Pineda: Being different is a value. (Lo que de verdad importa)

Pablo Pineda is the first European with Down syndrome to obtain an university degree. Teacher, writer and actor, radiates charisma and enthusiasm to learn.
This is his endearing story, which reminds us that the only disability is not understanding that we all have different abilities. (Published in Spanish, English and Korean)

APP espíritu de aventura

“SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE APP” – A new book concept that goes far beyond the text content of the original work. A widely rich content that allows the reader to experience both the full text of the book of the same title, as over 4 hours of video of the author and other specialists in each of the concepts.

The reader/viewer can follow the author’s text, and complete the information recorded on videos with reflections from Albert himself as a highly recognized witnesses both in the field of adventure and enterprise characters: Nani Roma (Dakar Pilot), Anna Corbella (Transoceanic Sailor), Ferran Latorre (Alpinist), Didac Lee (Entrepreneur of new technologies), Xavier Berneda (Director of Munich) and Paco Martin (Entrepreneur and Managing Partner Ex MRW).