“Choose being part of the problem
or part of the solution”

Albert Bosch

Take responsibility for our impact on the planet


One in every fifteen humans that has existed on earth since the beginning of time is alive today (7% of all the inhabitants of the planet since its existence). With this growing density of population and habits of consumption, transport, production and generation of energy absolutely unsustainable for the planet, living and developing projects ignoring our impact would be a recklessness and a great act of selfishness towards the following generations of humans and towards all the other species with which we share the earth.

We have been a very intelligent specie for development, and very stupid to manage the balance between humans and between humans and other living organisms and the habitat that welcomes us.

But we have the opportunity to demonstrate that the human talent united to our values ​​and to the enormous capacity that we have to develop technology and rules of coexistence to guarantee the best possible future for life in this wonderful and too badly treated planet. We do not need more leaders anymore. It is time to have only responsible leaders, because if we do not build a sustainable future, it will be unsustainable, and this can not be an option.

In this section you will find content always related to sustainability issues, to share reflections and proposals that empower us as citizens, as companies or as any type of collective, to become change agents at the service of the solution.

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Jesús Renedo, Dakar, Acciona,

By Jesús Renedo

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