The world is saved by action


Platform committed to promote specific actions for the preservation of forests of high ecological value.

Save a Forest only coordinates, disseminates and promotes preservation actions, but always acts through a specialist entity or organization that executes the action on the ground.

Save a Forest is an altruistic initiative promoted by XCN (Nature Conservation Network) and Albert Bosch, with the support of other people and entities highly committed to the natural environment. To manage the project he leverages its capabilities and structures, without generating any type of cost, ensuring that 100% of the proceeds go directly to the entity that manages the preservation action.

In turn, this entity is previously validated together with the XCN, which then thoroughly monitors the destination of the funds and the implementation of the preservation actions.

With € 1 per year, we preserve 100m2 of mature forest for one year. Taking the step to be a “Protector” of the forest is highly efficient at the cost/benefit level.

After having worked for a long time in different forest preservation actions, “Save a Forest” starts as a platform with the protection campaign of the “Milany Forest” (Centennial beech forest), to be extended to other protection actions. We want to be a community of ambassadors committed to passion and action for nature, to fight for real and practical purpose for the protection of our most unique forest heritage anywhere in the world.