A hundred-year-old Hayedo of enormous value



The Selvans Association has a custody agreement on the forest signed with the owners of the land, through which they promise not to exploit it for a minimum period of 25 years (renewable), in exchange for the payment of the harvesting rights. In this way, the owner obtains a minimum yield of the forest, keeps his assets intact and contributes to preserve an environment of high natural value.

“COMPENSING NATURE” is based on the parameter “Land use” as the first indicator of the impact of a person or organization on biodiversity, following the European EMAS system (Environment Eco-Management & Audit Sheme).

COMPENSING NATURE proposes a contribution adapted to each person/organization, or a contribution that compensates the square meters of surface of nature occupied by that person’s home or the offices/industrial premises of that organization. The occupied surface was part of nature, and by building on it, natural life will never grow again. The best way to compensate for this occupation is to protect the equivalent area in a forest with the maximum possible natural value.

Each contribution is managed by allocating 88% directly to the effective preservation of the forest, and 12% to the structure needed to manage the project.

Each forest will have a different cost for the preservation of the m2. In the case that affects us, the cost is €1/year for every 100m2/year preserved (1Ct€/m2/year).

Collaboration Ways