Inicio expedición The Great Slave Lake

On Sunday the expedition began in “The Great Slave” one of the largest lakes in the Canadian Arctic. This is the first of four expeditions that make up the unprecedented “The Last Ice” project, where three adventurers and survival experts will cross icy waters at strategic points in the northern hemisphere.

The objective of this initiative is to make the world aware of climate change and the retreat of ice in the most sensitive areas of the planet.

Albert Bosch, Pako Crestas and Pepe Ivars will cross the Canadian lake from Yellowknife to Lutsel K’e, a journey of 200Km that will last a total of 8 days and where they will withstand extreme temperatures. The three explorers, without receiving outside assistance, will drag their supplies on sleds and set up a camp each night on the ice.

On March 18, if everything goes according to plan, they will arrive at the sanctuary of the Dene tribe, one of the first human settlements in North America.

Video expedition

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