Today we start the second expedition of the THE LAST ICE project, which will take us to cross from north to south the largest lake in Europe that freezes: the ONEGA, in the north of Russia.

We have a horrible weather: intense wind, very low visibility and snowing at intervals. The fact is that the forecasts of Meteo for the next few days are not very good, but I guess we do not have a super good equipment just to go out on sunny days, right?

We start in Medvezhyegorsk to finish in about a week in Petrozavodsk.

At the beginning, we will cross the most pure, isolated and well-preserved part of the lake, with one of the cleanest waters of the lake, but as we approach the final destination, we will find an industrial city in accelerated growth that is contaminating a growing part. of the lake and, consequently, affects both its own life and that of all the inhabitants who depend on its waters.

We calculate to advance between 30 and 40 km per day, which will depend on the conditions of the snow, the lines of pressure that we find, the weather and other surprises.

Speaking with experts in the area, they have acknowledged that they have no memories of any previous expedition along the route we have planned … and this, how can you suppose, rather than worry, has motivated us even more.

After months of preparation, we have everything ready, and we are in the mood to stop living this challenge with passion, discover this special area of ​​the planet and witness the consequences of accelerated climate change and pollution in the most extreme areas of the planet.

You can follow our evolution live in the system provided by RACETRACKER installed on this website, and you can also follow us on all our social networks.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are already in the water… although not inside, but walking on it.

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