7 stages without any assistance


With all the support and energy that gives us the new brand of cycling equipment WAA Cycling, we will do this great road bike classic traverse in 7 stages and being totally autonomous: no assistance vehicle and no luggage transport.

The 4 members of the WAA CYCLING GRANDES ALPES project will have a very minimalist equipment to be able to fully enjoy this route safely, with maximum lightness and without relying on any external assistance: A single maillot and coulotte for the entire route, the minimum mandatory and protection garments for all types of climate that we will find, and just something clean to wear for the night.

Dates of the project: from July 22nd until 28th (2018)

Team: Albert Bosch, Arcadi Romera, David López and Miquel Noguera

The philosophy of this project is in a point halfway between a sport challenge and a cycle touring trip … the spirit is that of every cyclist, but with a demanding sport character and in a number of stages that makes it an intense cycling adventure, but that It allows us to enjoy the journey, take photos and live incredible moments to be able to share them with all of you.

We’re not going to do a race, but we’re not going just for a ride.

We will be stressed, but we will not miss any col or any Km of pleasure and suffering.

We will not wear a bid number, but we will not give up a smile of the face identifying us.

We are not the best cyclists, but enjoy better than the best in the world.

Nobody else accompanies us, but you will accompany us all … and we will share on this website all the content and thoughts that we accumulate during the route.