Friendship, passion and performance


A perfect team for this project.

It is not the same to make a race where all parameters are controlled and you just depend on what can happen to yourself, to make such a journey where many things can happen and you will have to improvise, adapt and never relax to be able to overcome each of the stages.

Composing a good team is essential for the success of the event, as well as to have the guarantee that you will enjoy it 200%during the ride.

The 4 cyclists that we have come together for the WAA CYCLING GRANDES ALPES we have known each other for a long time, we have similar physical and technical levels and we have shared many challenges together. In 2017 we crossed all the Pyrenees by road bike on the French “Route des Cols” in 7 days, and we decided that the next cycling dream to make real would be the Route des Grandes Alpes … and here we are!


The Adventurer

He has done many important challenges: from completing the “7 Summits” (climbing the highest mountain on each continent with Everest as the final point), to crossing the Antarctic alone to the South Pole or participating 9 times in the Dakar Rally (being the first pilot in a 100% electric car). Regular runner of Adventure Ultra Marathons and passionate of cycling. He is a member of the WAA Ultra Team since 2017.

Main sports: Mountaineering, Running and Cycling

A thought for this challenge: I prefer to feel protagonist of cycling in mythical stages of the Tour de France, than to see on TV how elite cyclists enjoy it.


The Firefighter

He feels a great vocation for his profession that allows him to take care of the safety of the people, and his great passion in life has been the Triathlon, having competed in the elite, being one of the pioneers of the boom of this sport in Spain. Currently he competes occasionally and makes great cycling routes both in the mountains and on the road. He has participated in the Titan Desert and has won silver and bronze medals in the Police & Fire Games.

Main sports: Cycling

A thought for this challenge: I am excited to be able to do the sport that I like the most in one of the most amazing cycling routes in the world.


The Engineer

He is the technical director of a high-tech factory for the treatment of smoothies, and always seeks the time necessary to develop his great passion: to make great routes running and biking, rarely repeating anyone of them to be able to always explore new places and experiences. He participates both in ultra-races such as Titan Desert and in the Marathon des Sables, and designing routes by himself.

Main sports: Cycling, Running and Mountain Skiing

A thought for this challenge: I always say that I am very lucky to be able to enjoy these experiences thanks to sport, and now I say … the usual: I am really very lucky … and I am going to take advantage of it.


The Rocker

Passionate about music and owner of a record store, and always ready for any type of challenge. He has done a lot of ultra-endurance races in deserts (Marathon des Sables) and mountains (Ultra Tour of Mont Blanc and dozens of other mythical races), and always manages to be at a very high level of performance without any type of injury. If he had not dedicated himself to music, neither Kilian Jornet nor Chris Froome would be winning so easy.

Main sports: Cycling and Running

A thought for this challenge: The most important thing in life is that the most important thing is the most important thing … and now, for that week, the “WAA Cycling Grandes Alpes” is the most important thing!