To save the world we have to start somewhere, and SAVE A FOREST offers you an easy and affordable way to save part of our most valuable territory: mature forests.

We launch the platform SAVE A FOREST, to promote concrete actions for the preservation of forests of high ecological value.

Mature forests harbor the greatest terrestrial biodiversity and are a key source of health and well-being. They only account for 20% of the earth’s forests and are severely threatened by intensive agriculture, urbanization, unsustainable logging, mining and other factors, they are accelerating their demise.

From Save a Forest we will create a community of forest defenders, and we will promote concrete campaigns such as the “Milany Forest”, the first action of this project, in which for only € 1 we will be protecting 100m2 of forest for a year.

This initiative is totally altruistic and 100% of the funds raised go directly to the protection project.

We launched this platform in collaboration with XCN (Nature Conservation Network) and the Selvans Association. The first will be responsible for filtering and controlling the preservation actions, and the second one will carry out the effective implementation of the MILANY FOREST campaign

Being in solidarity with nature is being in solidarity with all humanity. Protecting forests is key to having a healthy nature. And having a healthy nature is key to having a healthy society.

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