• 2 teams and 1 challenge: crossing the Pyrenees from coast to coast
  • 900 Km. and 25,700 meters of positive slope from Saint Jean de Luz (France) from Cadaqués (Costa Brava-Spain)
  • Project linked to Save a Forest, collaborating with € 1 for each Km traveled to protect the centennial Forest of Milany

The “Trail2Challenge” transpyrenean adventure began on October 15th, ending on Sunday, October 20th in the small Navarre town of Isaba, after six days travelling and after 700 km and 12,900 m. of unevenness the mountain bike team, which had left from Cadaqués (Costa Brava-Catalonia-Spain), and the group of walkers, after 150 km and 6,600 m+ leaving from Saint Jean de Luz (France). They crossed their paths and were able to merge into a hug in front of the church of San Cipriano located in the middle of this authentic Pyrenean town that is 100 km east of Pamplona and very close to Aragon. Thus fulfilling the challenge of being only guided by the new Trail2 device of the Spanish brand TwoNav.

Both groups had started at sea level and after almost a week they had been immersed in the fantastic landscapes of the Pyrenees in the middle of autumn.


The teams have made this challenge in the opposite direction, being integrated by sports professionals such as the cyclist Pol Tarrrés or the experts of Pirinencas Routes such as Anna Fonoyet who was the guide of the group.

And also equipped with the latest TwoNav GPS: Trail 2, the new GPS for hikers / climbers and the Trail2 Bike, a version for cyclists.


Not all adventure is reduced to physical exercise and testing the latest technological advances. The environmental factor has been a key point to make this adventure in the Pyrenees a unique and unforgettable experience. From TwoNav there is a clear commitment to the protection of the planet and, for this reason, for every kilometer traveled by the two teams in the “Trail2Challenge”, 1€ has been donated to the Save a Forest platform to collaborate in the protection of Milany’s centennial forest.

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