• His goal is to complete the 250,000 meters (250Km) of this adventure race and raise funds to protect 250,000 m2 (25 Hectares) of the Milany Forest
  • 250Km in self-sufficiency and 7 days (6 stages) through the steppes and the Gobi desert in Mongolia
  • Albert has been linking his projects to environmental causes for years, but this is the first time he has taken direct solidarity action
  • He says that too often “sport people take advantage of nature but don’t really commit to it”

Today started the GOBI MARCH, an extreme race in self-sufficiency of 250Km that takes place in 6 stages (7 days, because there is a stage of almost 80Km for which they have two days). And the adventurer Albert Bosch has dedicated his participation in it to promote the fundraising campaign for the realization of a Great Forest Reserve in the centennial forest of Milany.

The challenge that has been proposed beyond overcoming this hard test is to run 250,000 meters (250Km), to preserve 250,000 m2 (25 Hectares). With 1€ we already protect 100m2 of this forest.

He proposes to all his followers to make a fix contribution, or to look for the compensation formula for the surface they occupy in their home or business to make the equivalent protection. For more information and contributions: HERE

This adventurer committed to the environment, says that

“Those who do adventure or sport activities in the natural environment live great moments in nature and we can become an army of solidarity with it, being the first to apply the values ​​of sustainability in any of our sports activities and daily life.

Nature is not there just for us to use and enjoy. This would be a very selfish relationship. If we love nature, we must use and enjoy it with scrupulous respect, and we must also seek the best for it. But we wish a lot and we commit little, so we must be linked to concrete actions, and here we suggest a very specific one that is part of a much more ambitious project: saving a forest of great value that will be part of a network of mature forests guarded and untapped.”

From the Save to Forest platform we want to take advantage of all this energy and visibility to enhance this specific campaign, and also to use it as a model for other sport people or persons from other fields that perform powerful events, in order to be linked to activities in solidarity with nature, and consider mature forests as a natural heritage of great value that we must take care of when they are still healthy and not only when some kind of misfortune occurs.

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